Fatal Journeys

This is my first attempt at data analysis and visualization. I created the graphics in Adobe Illustrator CC. I combined different data sets: Frontex’s Annual Risk Analysis 2014, Amnesty International’s The Human Costs of Fortress Europe, International Organization for Migration’s Fatal Journeys, United Against Racism’s List of Deaths, data from The Migrants File and the website Fortress Europe.

I decided to start with a general picture of the situation: How many migrants died in 2014, where they died, the main routes and the roles of different countries. Then I showed the situation in percentages, to give a clear idea of the disproportionate number of people who died in the Mediterranean Sea. The third graphic focuses on the main routes used by the migrants who try to enter Europe illegally. The fourth graphic shows a breakdown by country of migrants who tried to enter Europe illegally between 2009 and 2013, with the top six countries and the relative increase or decrease over the five-year period. Finally, I showed how many people died in the Mediterranean region since 2000.


1 - 2014 deaths, routes and role of countries-world map 2 - Migrant deaths by route in 2014europe-africa4 - Most migrants come from war-torn countries 5 - deaths by year 2000-2014